Generally speaking,

pip install argon2_cffi

should be all it takes.

But since Argon2 (the C library) isn’t packaged on any major distribution yet, argon2_cffi vendors its C code which depending on the platform can lead to complications.

The C code is known to compile and work on all common platforms (including x86, ARM, and PPC). On x86, an SSE2-optimized version is used.

If something goes wrong, please try to update your cffi, pip and setuptools first:

pip install -U cffi pip setuptools


Binary wheels for macOS, Windows, and Linux are provided on PyPI. With a recent-enough pip and setuptools, they should be used automatically.

Source Distribution

A working C compiler and CFFI environment are required. If you’ve been able to compile Python CFFI extensions before, argon2_cffi should install without any problems.